Web Moderation

Logging in to the Web Moderation

  1. Open a web browser on a device that is connected to the same network as the ASTROS Station.

  2. Enter the IP address of the ASTROS Station into the of the web browser.

  3. On the Moderation mode section, Open in new tab.

  4. Enter the password to log in. The default password is moderator.

User interface and functions

There are three areas on the Web Moderation UI:

  1. area

  2. area

The Web Moderation UI will refresh automatically to reflect any changes made by the moderator or to show any new users that have joined the session.

Top bar

Station name

This displays the name of the Station that is currently being moderated.

Filter Stations in the Presenting Users or Standby Users areas by entering the Station name in the .

In the Presenting Users areas, the filtered users will become . In the Standby Users areas, the filtered users will disappear.

Web Moderation menu

Click to open the . The following items are available in the menu:


Show connection info. on the main display

Force the ASTROS Station's connection information to be displayed. This is useful when someone is trying to join the presentation and needs the connection information to do so.

Disconnect all users

This is useful when the session is over and the moderator wants to reset the classroom or meeting room, clearing all connected users and shared content.

Remote View

Enable or disable the Remote View feature.

Connected users / Remote View users

The number of users currently connected to this ASTROS Station. / The number of users who are currently viewing the main screen using the Remote View feature on their own devices.


Language selection.

Log out

Log out of the Web Moderation and return to the login page.

Presenting Users area

This area is synchronized with the main screen, providing real-time updates to the moderator on what's being presented.

  • Controlling presentations The moderator can control presentations by using the on the panels. In addition, the moderator can mute or stop all presentations by using the buttons in the .

AirPlay, Google Cast, and Browser Sharing have certain restrictions that include:

  • They cannot be muted individually

  • They cannot be stopped individually and moved to the Standby User area. Please use instead.

ASTROS App for iOS and Android doesn't support thumbnails at the moment.

Standby Users area

This area shows all connected users that are not currently sharing.

  • Previewing and controlling presentations The moderator can preview the user's screen through thumbnail views, and start or stop the presentation for the user or disconnect the user using the .

  • Switching the view The moderator can switch between grid view and list view by clicking . The grid view displays thumbnails of users while the list view can fit more users on the list at once.

  • Sorting the list The allows the moderator to sort the list of users by the time they joined or by their name.

ASTROS App for iOS and Android doesn't support thumbnails at the moment.

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