Screen sharing with ASTROS Pod

ASTROS Pod supports both Windows and macOS laptops. It mirrors your laptop's screen to the display that is connected to the paired ASTROS Station.

Before getting started

To ensure a smooth start to the wireless meeting, you should check the following items:

  • With ASTROS Pod, you can share without entering a login code

  • ASTROS Pod can be managed or controlled by the Moderation feature


Connect the Pod to the USB-C port on your laptop

Wait for the Pod to connect to the receiver. You can see the progress of the connection by observing the LED lights on the Pod. Learn more about LED color definition here.

Proceed to the next step when the Pod LED color becomes light blue.

Press the Share Button to share your screen

With ASTROS Pod, you have the flexibility to share your screen with others or take over the entire screen, depending on the different actions of the Share Button.

Technical specifications

Video output resolution

1920x1080 30Hz

Audio output device selection

Please make sure to select the 'USB-C Mirror' so the system audio can be delivered properly to the Station. ( / )

Supported projection settings

The ASTROS Pod supports the following projection settings on various operating systems.

  • Windows '' windows+P

    • PC screen only (if entering this mode, Pod LED color will be pink)

    • Duplicate

    • Extend

    • Second screen only

    • Screen rotation

  • macOS (select USB-C Mirror)

    • Mirroring

    • Extend

  • Chromebook

    • Mirroring

    • Extend

    • Screen rotation

  • Android phone & tablet

    • Mirroring

    • Screen rotation

  • iPad

    • Mirroring

    • Screen rotation

Touch Back and mouse support

ASTROS Pod supports 1-point Touch Back functionality when screen sharing Windows or macOS laptops to a touchscreen.

In addition, the Pod also supports the control back from a mouse connected to the Station.


The Pod LED color is red or amber

The Pod LED color is pink

  • Your laptop's USB-C port does not support A/V output. >> Please try using a different laptop or consider one of the alternative screen sharing methods below:

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