Browser Sharing

Access ASTROS Configuration Page

  1. Prepare a laptop with web browser capability

  2. Make sure your laptop and the ASTROS Station are connected to the same network.

  3. On the Standby Screen, .

  4. Type in IP or https://Station name in a web browser and you will see .

The default configuration page IP address is if the Ethernet cable is not connected to the ASTROS Station.

Support Browser: Google Chrome 79+, Microsoft Edge 88+

Start Browser Sharing

  1. Choose what to share from of Entire Screen, Window or Chrome / Edge Tab.

    • Entire Screen: share your entire screen.

    • Window : choose to share only a specific application window or the entire screen.

    • Chrome / Edge Tab : share only a specific tab on your Browser.

  2. Click Share and you are .

Default Display name is BrowserSharing; Up to 20 characters, including Unicode and alphabet.

Find Login code on the if Login code is enabled.

Stop Browser Sharing

Close the tab or click to stop your screen sharing.

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