1. Launch ASTROS App.

  2. On the , find the name same as the Station name shown on the .

  3. If the Station name does not appear on the Station list, you can use to search for the Station or open your device’s Wi-Fi list, look for the Station name and connect. Then repeat step 1.

  4. Find the station you want to connect to, and then to establish the connection.

  5. When you successfully connect to the Station, you will see .

ASTROS App will discovered on the same network and nearby Stations.

You can use Search bar to:

  • Type in key characters to quickly find the ASTROS Station you are looking for.

  • Type in IP address to connect to a specific ASTROS Station on the same network as your personal device

Depending on the ASTROS Station network setup, you may be able to connect to ASTROS via organization network, Wi-Fi direct connection or both. See Network for more information.

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