Presentation and user Moderation


The Moderation feature provides control over presentation and user connection for teachers or meeting hosts. Two approaches are available:

  • On-screen Moderation offers an intuitive approach that works best with a touchscreen setup and has little to no learning curve.

  • Web Moderation is mobile device-friendly and enables the teacher or meeting host to roam around the room while maintaining control. Web Moderation also provides an overview of all users' screens with thumbnails.

Moderation specifications

  • You may use On-screen Moderation and Web Moderation at the same time.

  • Only one moderator can log in to Web Moderation at a time, and the latest login will override the previous login.

  • While users can still present freely under Moderation, the moderator has the final say over all connected users' presentations.

  • The audio of AirPlay, Google Cast, and Browser Sharing cannot be controlled through Moderation.

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