Upgrading firmware directly from an ASTROS Station

To initiate the firmware upgrade process for the Pod, the Station must have access to the internet. If you are unable to provide internet access to the Station, you can use the Pod Utility to perform the upgrade instead.


Connect the Pod to the USB-C port on a Station that has internet access

The Pod will automatically check for the latest available firmware. If a newer version is found, the upgrade process will begin automatically after the pairing process is complete.

Check the progress

You can check the upgrading progress by looking at the message displayed on the Station display, or by observing the color of the Pod LED.

  • A 'Pod’s firmware upgrade complete and reboot' message will appear on the Station's display once the upgrading process is complete.

  • During the upgrading process, the Pod LED will show a blue&red blinking light. Once the process is finished, the LED will change to a green breathing light for about 1 second.

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