Hosting a wireless hybrid meeting

Before getting started

To ensure a smooth start to the wireless conference, you should check the following items:

If you have all the necessary items prepared, you are now ready to start or join a hybrid meeting.


Connect the ASTROS Pod to your laptop USB-C port

Wait for the Pod to connect to the receiver. You can see the progress of the connection by observing the LED lights on the Pod.

Proceed to the next step when the Pod LED and Function Button LED colors are both light blue.

Start the video conference with remote participants

Press the Function Button

The Function Button LED will turn green, indicating that the room video conferencing (VC) peripherals have been connected wirelessly to your laptop.

You will now be able to use the camera, microphone, or speaker in the meeting room for the upcoming video conference.

Open your preferred video conferencing service and start or join a meeting

  • Check the video conferencing software interface to ensure that the room video conferencing (VC) peripherals have been chosen correctly

  • If the desired VC peripherals have not been chosen, select them manually

At this point, the remote participants should be able to see and hear all local participants through the room camera and speakerphone.

Share the meeting with local participants

Press the Share Button

When the video conference configuration is all set, share your screen with the room so everyone can see and hear the remote participants. By clicking the Share Button, your screen will be shared to the room display.

How to pass hosting duties to another participant

Some example situations where you need to hand over the hosting duties to another participant:

  • Another meeting must be initiated from a different laptop

  • You have to leave the current meeting early

To do this, connect another ASTROS Pod to the second laptop and press the Function Button when its LED is light blue. This will wirelessly redirect the video conference peripherals to the second laptop, allowing the new host to take over the meeting.

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