Annotation and whiteboard features

This feature is available on AS-201

The Floating Menu

The Floating Menu feature provides quick access to Whiteboard, Annotation, and Screen Capture functions.

It is automatically enabled when a touch display or a mouse is connected to the ASTROS Station. Users can easily move the Floating Menu to any location by dragging it.

How to start using the Floating Menu

  • Connect the touch screen or mouse to the ASTROS Station via a USB cable

  • The Floating Menu will at the left bottom of the screen

  • Tap or click the Floating Menu to

  • Proceed with Whiteboard, Annotation, or Screen Capture.

The Floating Menu will automatically fade to transparency if there is no user interaction for 15 seconds.

Interface overview


Screen Capture



Screen Capture

Interface overview

Capture the entire screen

Capture the entire screen, save or import to Whiteboard for further editing.

Capture a custom area

Customize capture area, save or import to Whiteboard for further editing.


Go back to the previous menu

Annotation and Whiteboard

Interface overview


Select to draw solid lines. Select from 3 thickness and 6 colors.


Select to draw transparent lines. Select from 2 thickness and 4 colors.


Select from 3 thickness or press the sweeper icon to clear all.


Exit to previous menu


Capture the entire main screen including the annotated contents then save or import to Whiteboard for further editing.


Undo up to 10 steps.

Whiteboard-specific control menu interface


Delete page

Delete current whiteboard page.


Add page

Add one whiteboard page. Your view will be switched to the newly added page.


Select background

Select background for the current whiteboard page.


Previous / Next page

Go to the previous whiteboard page.


Current page/ Total page

Maximum to 5 pages of total


Discard all pages

Delete all whiteboard pages.



Quit whiteboard and exit to previous menu.

Saving and sharing

When using Screen Capture, Annotation, or Whiteboard, you can use the built-in save function to save or share your current work.


  • By selecting Image, your work will be saved in PNG format. For Whiteboard, all pages will be compressed into a single ZIP file.

  • By selecting PDF, your work will be saved in PDF format, which contains all whiteboard pages.

Save to

Choose to save the file to either a USB drive or the local drive.


Exit Save menu


After clicking "Save", a QR code will be displayed on the main screen. You can download the saved work by scanning the QR code using your personal device, which needs to be connected to the same network as the ASTROS Station.

Import to whiteboard

In Screen Capture and Annotation, you have the option to import your work directly to Whiteboard for further editing.

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