Setting up the Manager Server


Prepare a computer as ASTROS Manager’s server

aka. the hosting computer

Recommended minimum hardware requirements Processor Speed 2.4 GHz or more RAM: 8GB LPDDR4X on board More than 32 GB of Disk space

Check Oracle VM VirtualBox supported host OS for the hosting computer HERE.

Download and Install Oracle VM VirtualBox

On the hosting computer,

  1. Go to VirtualBox Download Page to download the installation package

  2. Install the Oracle VM VirtualBox

Download ASTROS Manager installation file

On the hosting computer

  1. Go to Astrogate Download Page. Find ASTROS Manger image (.ova) and click download

  2. Complete the form and submit

  3. Download ASTROS Manager image (*.ova) via the link in the mail sent by

Setting up ASTROS Manager Server

Check the Network of the hosting computer

  • Before the following steps, please ensure the hosting computer is connected to the correct Local Area Network that you intend to use

  • In most cases, the hosting computer should be on the same network as the deployed Stations

Launch Oracle VM VirtualBox

On the hosting computer, launch the Oracle VM VirtualBox application

Import ASTROS Manager Image

Configure VM Environment

  1. In General>Basic, set your preferable name for your ASTROS Manager

  1. In System>Motherboard, set Base Memory to 4096 MB

  1. In System>Processor, set Processor(s) to 2 CPU

  1. In Storage, ensure disk space is 32 GB or above

  1. In Network, check Enable Network Adapter, and for attached to:, select Bridged Adapter. 'Hyper-V Virtual Ethernet Adapter' is not supported

Start the ASTROS Manager server

Before starting the ASTROS Manager server on the hosting computer, ensure that it is connected to the correct Local Area Network that you intend to use

Once started, you should see a VirtualBox window containing connection information. ASTROS Manager server is now ready to be logged in by the administrators.

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