On-screen Moderation

How to start using the On-screen Moderation

  1. Connect the touch screen or mouse to the ASTROS Station via a USB cable

  2. The Control Panel switch will at the bottom of the screen

  3. Tap or click the Control Panel switch to the Control Panel

  4. Tap the Moderation Mode toggle

  5. Now all control buttons on the User list below will become active

User interface and functions

  • The Control Panel switch will be located at the bottom of the main screen if a touch display or mouse is connected to the ASTROS Station.

  • To expand or collapse the Control Panel, simply tap on the switch.

  • You can drag the switch to move its position horizontally.

When this function is enabled and a touch display is connected to the ASTROS Station, the user can remotely operate the source device from the touch display.

When enabled, users who are connected to the ASTROS Station can view the main screen via the ASTROS App.

when enabled, the moderator can control what is being presented on the main screen and grant the moderator permission to disconnect a user from a session.

A list of all connected users.

Moderation mode enabled:

Tap the Stop all button to stop all current screen sharing Tap the mute all button to mute or unmute all current screen sharing

Tap to disconnect the user from the ASTROS Station.

Tap to mute or unmute the user’s screen sharing.

Tap to full screen or split screen.

The number of users currently connected to this ASTROS Station.

The number of users who are currently viewing the main screen using the Remote View feature on their own devices.

Controlling the presentation layout on the main screen

When multiple presentations are shared on the main screen, you can rearrange the layout of the presentations by simply .

To rearrange content on the main screen with drag-and-drop, the Touch Back function on the Control Panel needs to be disabled.

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