HDMI & VGA Output

Q: What is the maximum resolution of ASTROS station?

  • When set to HDMI standalone output, the maximum supported resolution is 3840x2160@30Hz.

  • When set to HDMI and VGA dual output, the maximum supported resolution is 1920x1080@60Hz.

Q: Why the resolution setting is gray out when I set to HDMI standalone output?

The reason why the resolution list cannot be manipulated when setting HDMI as a standalone output is that ASTROS Station needs to be connected to the display device via HDMI first to read the supported resolutions.

Only when the Station is successfully connected to the display device, the resolution list can be displayed and operated properly.

Q: Why is the display resolution not as expected when HDMI is connected to ASTROS Station?

The default HDMI output resolution is set to automatic detection. Therefore, if the display's resolution is not as expected, you can manually select the settings instead.

Q: Why can’t I see the display by connecting VGA cable?

A: ASTROS default video output is HDMI, VGA output is disabled as default, please go to the Configuration Page, and change the video output to HDMI and VGA

Q: Why can’t I see the display by connecting VGA cable during firmware upgrade?

When updating the firmware, only HDMI output is retained. If you have a display that only supports VGA, you can also determine if the update is in progress based on the power button's indicator light (Firmware updating: alternating flashing of red and blue lights).

Q: Why is the screen partially cut off and not fully displayed when setting ASTROS Station to HDMI 1080p output?

A: Screen cropping is a common issue on the display device. Please try adjusting the display device's aspect ratio to solve the issue.

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