Q: How many WiFi connection does AS-201/101 support?

AS-201 / 101 can support 8 WiFi user connection.

Q: Why can't ASTROS Station connect to the wireless router?

  1. Please first if the Ethernet cable has been removed. After the setup is complete, ASTROS Station will attempt to connect to Wi-Fi only when the Ethernet cable has been unplugged.

  2. If the Ethernet cable has been removed, please ensure that the Wi-Fi connection password is correct.

Q: If ASTROS Station's Wi-Fi is already connected to a wireless router or has been disabled, how can I access the settings page for that Station?

We recommend contacting Astrogate sales or technical support team to inquire about the solution for accessing the settings page. They have in-depth knowledge of operating and configuring ASTROS Station and can provide you with appropriate guidance and support.

If you are under time pressure, you can try the following two methods:

  1. Connect the Station to the local network using an Ethernet cable and access the Station's Configuration Page through the local network.

  2. Reset the system to default directly; after the reset, ASTROS Station's Wi-Fi will be reactivated and broadcast the default SSID."

Q: How to configure ASTROS Station Wi-Fi for optimal wireless presentation performance?

Whether ASTROS Station is used as a wireless router or connected to another wireless router, please use 5G Wi-Fi.

Using 5G Wi-Fi (i.e., 802.11ac or 802.11ax standard) offers higher transmission speeds and less interference compared to 2.4G Wi-Fi (i.e., 802.11n or lower standards). This is crucial for wireless presentation as it requires high bandwidth and a stable connection to transmit high-quality video and audio.

Q: How to segregate internal and external networks using ASTROS Station?

To achieve network segregation between internal and external networks on ASTROS Station, you can follow these steps:

  1. Please refer to "Network". Open Station's Wi-Fi and set the network mode to NAT.

  2. How to set up the internal wired network: Connect ASTROS Station to your company or school network using a wired connection. This will make ASTROS Station part of the internal network and obtain an internal network IP address.

  3. How to set up the external wireless network: Use ASTROS Station as a wireless router, allowing it to assign separate IP addresses to devices connected to it. These devices will be allocated to the independent network created by ASTROS Station and treated as part of the external network.

  4. Combine with the Gatekeeper feature to restrict external network access to the internal network.

Q: Any limitation in Bridge Mode?

When using Bridge Mode, there will be limitations for ASTROS Station:

  1. Unable to set a fixed IP: In bridge mode, ASTROS Station cannot set a fixed IP address. It will rely on the DHCP server on the connected network to obtain an IP address.

  2. Unable to provide DHCP service: In bridge mode, ASTROS Station itself cannot provide DHCP service and cannot assign IP addresses to other devices. This means you need to rely on the DHCP server on the connected network to manage IP address allocation.

Q: Why the changes of Gatekeeper doesn’t take effect immediately?

The new changes of Gatekeeper only adopt for the new connection, if user was connected before switching the setting, it would not be affected, please remind to disconnect Wi-Fi (or switch to another Wi-Fi) then re-connect to take effect of Gatekeeper setting.

Q: How to set up the network if I want to connect PC and ASTROS Station directly to do wireless presentation?

If you want to perform wireless presentation by connecting your PC and ASTROS Station through a wired connection, you should configure the network settings as follows:

  1. Configure ASTROS Station's wired network: ASTROS Station's wired network operates as a DHCP client, not a DHCP server. Therefore, you need to set a fixed IP address on ASTROS Station and ensure that it is in the same network segment as the PC.

  2. Configure PC's wired network: You need to set a fixed IP address on the PC that is in the same network segment as ASTROS Station's wired network. Make sure that both the PC and ASTROS Station are on the same network segment.

For example, if ASTROS Station's wired network IP address is, you can set a similar IP address on the PC, such as"

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