Preparing a wireless hybrid meeting room


Make sure the ASTROS Station is connected to the intended network

To ensure proper functionality of the Pod, it's necessary to enable the wireless access point on the Station. Make sure not to select the 'Station AP Off' option on the Web Configuration page.

Connect the VC peripherals' USB cable to the Station

If the connection is successful, the will appear on the standby screen. The connected VC peripherals should be recognized without rebooting the ASTROS Station.

It is recommended to connect the peripherals before powering on the Station

Connect the room display's video cable to the station

The Standby screen of the ASTROS Station will be displayed on the room screen if the connection is successful.

Pair ASTROS Pod with the Station

Connect the ASTROS Pod to ASTROS Station via USB-C. Notifications on pairing status will be displayed on the standby screen.

Learn more about direct pairing

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