Pairing directly with an ASTROS Station


Each ASTROS Pod can be paired with a single ASTROS Station, but each ASTROS Station can be paired with multiple Pods. Once a Pod is paired with a Station, it will remember the connection information. This means that every time a user connects the Pod to their laptop, the screen will be shared to that specific Station when the user presses the Share Button.

To ensure proper functionality of the Pod, it's necessary to enable the wireless access point on the Station. Make sure not to select the 'Station AP Off' option on the Web Configuration page.

Learn more about ASTROS Station's network settings

Alternatively, you can do the pairing with the Windows software Pod Utility.


Connect the Pod to the USB-C port on a properly configured Station

Before beginning the pairing process, make sure that the ASTROS Station is connected to the intended Local Area Network

Check the progress

You can check the progress of the pairing process by looking at the message displayed on the Station display, or by observing the color of the Pod LED.

  • A 'Pairing Finished' message will appear on the Station's display once the process is complete.

  • During the pairing process, the Pod LED will show green blinking light. Once the pairing is finished, the LED will change to a steady green light.

You may remove the Pod from the Station when the pairing is complete.


Pairing failed

The following situation may cause the pairing to fail.

  • The Station is set as station mode, but an Ethernet cable is connected to obtain the IP.

    ▶️ Please remove the Ethernet cable and restart the Station.

  • The Station is set as Wi-Fi off. ▶️ Please enable the wireless access point on the Station.

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