User interface overview


Station name

This name will be displayed on the Standby Screen and used for the connection. It will also be the SSID (Wi-Fi name) for the ASTROS Station wireless access point.

Login code

  • Random: Login code enabled, generated randomly

  • No code: Login code disabled

  • Fixed: Login code enabled, customized 4 digits

Background image

The ASTROS Station comes with two built-in images that cannot be removed. The first image is set as the default.

To upload a custom background image from your device, hover your mouse over an empty block and click the + icon. To delete a custom background image, hover your mouse over the block and click the "delete" icon.

Allow Remote View

Enabling this option allows all users in the session to view the main screen via the ASTROS App


Select the language for this ASTROS Station


Click this button to reboot ASTROS Station

Log out

Click this button to log out to the landing page


Video output

  • HDMI only (default): Maximum resolution is up to 4K resolution.

  • HDMI and VGA: Enable dual-display output. In this mode, the maximum resolution is up to 1080p.


Select your preference resolution, the default is Auto.

  • The available resolution depends on the resolution of the connected monitor. In dual-display output mode, both monitors will be set to the same resolution

  • If both the audio jack and HDMI are connected, the audio will be duplicated.

Date & Time

Set time automatically

  • Enabled: automatically retrieve time and date from specified timer servers

  • Disabled: manually set time and date

24 hour format

  • Enabled: 24-hour clock

  • Disabled: 12-hour clock

Time server

The IP address for time synchronization

Time zone

Time zone selection

Year/ Month/ Date

Manual year/ month/ date selection


Manual time selection

It's important to have the correct date and time set for screen sharing to work properly. Please ensure the date and time are accurate.

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