Upgrading Pod firmware

Alternatively, you can use the USB-C connection to connect a Pod directly to a Station for firmware upgrades.

Upgrading Over-the-air (OTA)

  1. Launch the Pod Utility App

  2. Connect the Pod to your laptop USB-C port The Pod LED color should be green - blinking

  3. Click the

  4. Click the

  5. Click the if available

  6. Refer to the following table for the upgrading status:

StringPod LED colorScreen shot


Blue & red - Blinking


Blue & red - Blinking


Blue & red - Blinking

This Pod is being upgraded (upgrade completed)

Green - Blinking


The Pod LED color is red

If the firmware upgrade process is interrupted, the Pod LED color will turn red. To restart the upgrade process, disconnect and then reconnect the Pod.

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